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Questions to Ask Your Potential Foundation Repair Contractor

One of the things that are always best left to the expert is foundation repair. However, selecting the best company is not that simple as well. You have to choose the ideal repair company for the project since this could be an extremely huge repair. With the, they can get the job done properly and efficiently.  

Here are several questions you can ask if you’re looking for a Foundation Repair Sherman TX contractor.  

Ask the entire How’s 

How will you repair my foundation? How long will the job take? How much will the project cost? There are several common questions that you should ask the contractor. Of course, you have to ensure that your contractor answers every single question clearly.  Foundation repairs could be a time-intensive and expensive project. Thus, you might not always like to hear the answers to some of the questions. However, at least the contractor is being honest with you with the answers.  

What Is the Cause of The Problem? Can You Repair It? 

You have to repair the foundation. However, you should also repair what caused the problem in the first place. This will make sure that it won’t happen again. For instance, youll want to repair the drainage problem if poor drainage caused erosion. Of course, almost every foundation repair company will be able to assist with that issue. It might be wise to look for another contractor if they cannot recognize the problem causing foundation damage to your house.  

Are They a “Foundation Repair” Company? 

Whenever you are looking for a potential contractor, you should always ask for their licenses. This is because they are required legally to have them. However, in order to get around this insurance and licensing issue, some companies do not specifically identify themselves as “foundation repair” companies. You have to look for a company that handles foundation problems specifically to repair your foundation problem.  

How Many Repairs Have They Done? 

It is always ideal to pick a foundation repair company that is well-documented. Not all companies will have testimonials. However, they should have pictures of their past jobs. Experience is vital whenever you select a contractor. Of course, you should be able to see their experience as a client. If a company will be able to provide you a list of their previous clients, make sure you ask for their contact details. Then, you can contact that previous customer and ask them about their experience with the contractor. 

Do I Require Foundation Repair? 

Whenever you see a crack in your wall, it does not mean that you will need serious repair. Unfortunately, in order to take your money, several unreliable repair companies might be happy to tell you that you’ve got a serious issue in your foundation, even though it’s just a minor one. Oftentimes, it is wise to get a second opinion when it comes to foundation repairs. Also, if you suspect damage, it is vital to get a foundation inspection. This inspection will typically tell you if repair is actually needed. 

Reasons to Not Plant Your Trees Too Deep

It is a simple and quick process to plant a tree. However, it could have a lifelong impact if you don’t put much effort into it. You can cause the tree to die extremely quickly. Thus, you limit its lifespan. In addition to that, neglecting the proper process of planting can typically cause the tree to have a hard time growing. It won’t reach its full potential in your landscape. Of course, you will not be aware that the tree is already suffering.  

Your goal is to plant a tree properly. It could mean a more successful, vigorous, and healthier tree that would add a lot of benefits to your lawn for a lot of years if you pay attention to the details in the planting process.  

At the time of planting, the error of deeply planting a tree is not always voluntarily obvious. However, planting a tree too deeply has effects in the long-term. Tree roots deteriorate in condition and health when buried too deeply. This could mean lowered size of the leaf and tree growth. It also affects the susceptibility of the tree against insects, diseases, and cold. Trees often show these issues immediately in the first year after planting. However, the problem typically appears after several years when it becomes a lot harder to repair.  

Symptoms of Trees Planted Too Deep 

You can search for a truck that’s going straight into the ground if you want to look for a tree that is poorly planted. It typically looks similar to a pole. Stunted height, fewer or undersized leaves, yellowing, and fewer or girdling roots are some of the indications of trees that are suffering because of deep planting.  

How to Fix It 

You might be able to fix deeply planted trees by getting rid of the excess soil from the root flare of the tree. You can also replant the tree at the right height. However, this option is only effective on trees that were planted in the previous 2 up to 3 months. On the other hand, getting rid of excess soil is better for old plants.  

How Deep Should Trees Be Planted? 

You have to know the roots to know how to properly plant a tree. Roots need warmth, oxygen, and water for them to vigorously grow. Because of this, roots shallowly grow in the soil. Less warmth and oxygen are available whenever roots are buried too deeply.  

If you want your tree to be properly planted, you can always contact a professional Tree Service Southlake TX company. These companies have professionals who’ve got the right tool and knowledge to do the job properly. They also know the needs of most trees. However, if you want to do it yourself, here are several things you have to keep in mind.  

  • First, you’ve got to measure from the beginning of the root flare of the tree to the bottom of the root ball.  
  • Next, you dig a hole based on your measurement. Place the root flare at the proper level.  

What Causes Foundation Failure?

Even the toughest homes may encounter a problem with its foundation. The idea is to discover and fix these issues before the get out of hand. If you have slab foundation or a pier and beam foundation installed in your home, you have to regularly check its stability to avoid foundation issues. 

Most of the problems associated with foundation issues are related to soil expansion and contractor. There’s no doubt that the movement of the soil could create a lot of problems with your home’s foundation. As responsible homeowner, you must understand how soils behave in order to prevent foundation problems in the future. The most common problems related to it that you’ll encounter are: 

  1. Drainage problems

You may already know that when the soil gets wet, it expands. Clay soil will also turn into mud if it gets wet too much. Soil saturation is an issue that you have to address immediately or else your foundation may be sinking and you still don’t know it. If the cause of the problem is a failure in the drainage system, then you have to address that problem right away. Hire a drainage repair expert to help you out.  

  1. Transpiration 

Transpiration pertains to the plant’s process of extracting moisture from the soil. If you have a tree planted near your home’s foundation, then that could be a cause for concern. As the weather gets hot, these trees will pull moisture from under your home’s foundation. It means that the soil around your house may shrink. If this is the case, ask an expert in foundation repair San Antonio TX to help you out. He or she recommends that the tree be removed.  

  1. Expansiveand sandysoil 

There are different types of soil and some types are more conducive to foundation issues than others. One of them is expansive soil. This type tends to absorb a lot of moisture that it gets too swollen, expanding for over 100%. Sandy soil is an issue as well because they allow water to get through. This is the reason why the soil has to be inspected first before deciding what type of foundation must be used.  

  1. Sewer leaks

Sewer leaks pose a problem with the home foundation as well. These leaks are usually slow and steady, which means that water will enter the soil and increase its moisture content. When that happens, the soil will expand and cause stress to the foundation.  

  1. Filling material 

Filling materials are used on the foundation to further support the weight of the soil. If the filling material used was not compacted properly, then issues may occur. You’ll see its effect on your foundation several years later.  

  1. Vibrations 

Vibrations can also cause issues with your home foundation. If there’s a construction site near your home, then the vibrations of the equipment that they may cause the soil to loosen, lower its density. When that happens, the maximum pressure that the soil can support is affected. There’s a higher chance of the foundation failing if the vibrations don’t cease.  



Should You Use Wood Foundation?

It’s possible to have wood as your home’s main foundation. But is it a good choice? If you’re on a budget and you want to save on your home construction, then you can opt for wood foundation as it is cheaper than the others. However, concrete is the most popular option when it comes to foundations. 

The biggest advantage of using wood for foundation is its cost. Wood is significantly less expensive than concrete. If you sum up all the savings, you can easily reduce $15,000 from the total bill. That’s a lot of money that you can use elsewhere.  

It’s because wood foundations are easier to install so it’s not laborintensive. The materials used are also cheap. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to install wood foundation on your own. A concrete foundation, on the other hand, calls for the services of professionals. If you’re also a pro-environment type of person, you’ll love the fact that wood is sustainable. 

The Disadvantages of Wood Foundation 

All the advantages of installing wood foundation have been listed above. While all of them are good enough reasons to choose wood, you also have to know the disadvantages related to installing wood foundation.  

For starters, wood tends to rot. When it does, then your home’s foundation will fail. That failure means your house is on the brink of collapsing. You then have to repair the foundation immediately, which will more or less cost you the same amount you spent when you build it. Wood is rather easy and inexpensive to install but you might have to do it more often than concrete. With a concrete foundation, the repair is not as necessary.  

If you’re living in an area where the rate of termite infestation is high, then you run the risk of getting your home damaged sooner than expected. Those termites will eat the wood in your foundation and before you know it, your home in on unstable grounds. If you want to use wood in such a location, you have to treat the wood first and install different layers of protection to it. You should also check and maintain the foundation regularly.  

The weather is also a factor when it comes to the integrity of wood foundations. Using wood foundation in an area where flooding happens frequently is not advisable. Water penetrates woods easily, which will make your foundation is going to be waterlogged. That will weaken the wood and the planks. You would have to maintain the wood frequently to prevent the foundation from getting severely damaged.  

Why Choose Wood Foundation  

You may still use wood foundation if you really want to use it. However, you have to be constantly in touch with an expert in foundation repair San Angelo TX. They will be the ones who can guide you when it comes to making sure that your home’s foundation is always in good shape no matter what the weather or circumstance may be. Without their help, it is impossible to install and maintain wood foundations.  

Why You Need to Prune Trees

Tree trimming or pruning is a necessary step to keep the health of your tree. It’s important for you to remove those dead branches because they’re taking all the nutrients of the tree. Trees tend to nourish its problem branches more than its healthy ones even though there’s little chance that it will be restored back to its full health. That’s why all dead, diseased, and pest-infected branches are better pruned or trimmed off for the sake of your tree’s overall health. 

Think of tree pruning as preventive maintenance. As such, it should be done on a regular basis. That’s where the services of tree pruning experts come in. They know exactly what parts of the tree have to go and how to trim them off the branches. Needless to say, a lot of problems with trees can be avoided by tree trimming, especially when it comes to younger trees.  

When Should You Prune a Tree?  

Even if you’re going to hire tree care experts to trim or prune your trees, it pays to know all about the process, too. Pruning should be done in the tree’s early years in order for it to grow sturdy and strong. Trees that are not pruned at a young age will need more complicated maintenance in the future.  

When pruning trees, be sure to consider its shape. Prune to refine the structure of the tree. It’s a good idea to remove all branches that are crossing each other and those that are growing toward the center. As your tree is maturing, it’s highly recommended that you remove the lower branches. Doing so raises the crown as the tree grows. Removing the branches that need the trunk is suggested as well.  

Pruning Large Branches of Trees 

There are instances wherein the larger branches of a tree have to be pruned as well. This should be done with proper care and the right tools. Again, hiring an expert tree service provider is going to help you out with this. To prune large branches, try to avoid harming the tree bark. Cut branches at least 18 inches from the trunk.  

You should also find where the branch collar is. You should keep the collar unharmed or else the tree might find it difficult to heal and seal itself. In case you harm your tree, you might have to dress the wound of the tree. Doing so protects the tree from diseases and insects. To dress the wound, simply apply latex paint on it.  

Essential Pruning Tools  

To properly prune your trees, you need essential tools such as pruning shears, lopping shears, hedge shears, hand saws, and pole saws. Each of these tools has a special function so you can’t go ahead with pruning without one of them. If you don’t own them, then it’s better to hire the tree experts instead of buying them from the store. The experts offering tree service Rowlett TX are equipped with tools better than the ones sold at hardware stores. They also have the skills to do the job right.