Online Shopping: How to Hide Your Purchases on Amazon

Online Shopping: How to Hide Your Purchases on Amazon

The entire purchasing history of your account on Amazon is recorded and the activities also tracked. This is a great way in which you can track your past orders and check your receipts but it could be possible that you may want to hide the items or the orders that you have purchased on Amazon. You may also want to hide what you have searched for on Amazon. Check them out and know how to hide them.

If you stay with family and all of them use the same Amazon account then it is possible that you do not want others to know about what you have searched for on Amazon. It could be because you want to gift something to someone or because the product is such that is embarrassing if others know that you were searching for it.

Amazon households

Set up an Amazon household account to hide any purchases that you may have made. This faculty is available for the amazon prime members and this allows you not to share your shopping history and purchases with others.

If you are not an Amazon Prime member then you could do the following to hide your orders.

Archive the order

When you archive the order it will let you hide any gift purchase from your history. This lets you hide items that you do not want your family members to know about.

Remove the items from your browsing history

You could clear the items from your browsing history. You could delete some or all the items from the history. Just turn off the browsing history.

Remove the recommendations

The Amazon recommendations will also give your family a hint about what you have purchased or browsed for on Amazon. Amazon thinks that once you have seen the product you may be interested in it. So set the don’t use recommendations in your Amazon account.

7 Tips Choosing Kitchen Tools That Make Cooking Easier and Healthier

7 Tips Choosing Kitchen Tools That Make Cooking Easier and Healthier

People usually ask me when they figure out that I am working as a dietician, “what is the point? What should I be doing that is different from average?”. I actually used to get choked up when having to answer such a question but now I actually have a really great answer to it, you have to cook more on your own.

Cooking is actually a great way to make sure your health is under your control, while restaurant cooked food is great and is very fast and easy to do at times, they often stuff our meals full of unhealthy garbage like excess sodium and carbs. If you cook at home the damage is minimized.

OK, so what should we do in order to make sure that we can create healthy and good tasting meals? We’ve created a small article containing 7 tips for choosing kitchen tools that will make cooking easier and healthier.

A cast iron skillet

The main cooking instrument of any kitchen should be a cast iron skillet for many reasons.

The reason why this is the case is because it is great for multitasking, a cast iron skillet can be used for grilling meat and vegetables or bread, a cast iron skillet can be used to cook fried bread or for using it as a wok for stir-fry combinations, or a pan for chicken breast for your workout days.

A chef’s knife

A chef’s knife can be used in many ways and it is great for any kitchen.

A chef’s knife should be used in anyone’s kitchen unless you want to have a hard time cutting your food, go on for a good review for a good chef’s knife for your kitchen.

Tips Getting the Best Flea Prevention and Treatment for Dogs

Tips Getting the Best Flea Prevention and Treatment for Dogs

Fleas are huge health menace to dogs, and are capable of bringing about discomfort and skin infection in most circumstances. On a number of occasions, they have been known to cause anemia and could even bite human beings thus leading to skin rashes. Owing to these, it becomes highly important to seek out the best flea and tick prevention treatment for your pet. To do this, you will need to weigh in on some factors.

Firstly, since prevention is better and/or more cost-effective than cure, it is expedient for you to take care of your surroundings in order to ward off the infestation of fleas. You should consider doing general clean-up; vacuuming the rug and upholstered furniture and washing sheets and blankets in hot water mixed with detergent. And if you’ve got a yard, make sure you clear the area of leaves and weed out the bushes. Again, you should make your home unwelcoming for animals that are known for transporting fleas – probably by fencing round the yard to keep such animals at bay. Spraying the yard – especially areas where you have shrubs and woody plants. Still on preventative measure, you can also quarantine your dog and also make sure that it is groomed under a hygienic condition. Furthermore, flea repellant cream, sprays or clips can be topically applied on the dog’s skin.

However, should your dog eventually fall victim of flea infestation, you will have to invest in some flea treatment – consider taking your dog on a visit to the vet before the fleas wreak more havoc. But if you feel you can handle the situation, you should carry out a thorough research to know the kind of product you will be using to get rid of the fleas that are resident within your dog’s skin.…

Car Seat Advice and The Latest Safety Tips

Car Seat Advice and The Latest Safety Tips

Choosing a safe car seat is an important decision for all parents who will be taking their baby or child in the car with them. It’s a legal requirement to have the correct style of car seat for your child’s age and weight, but some are safer than others. Here, we take a look at some buying tips to help you find the perfect, baby car seat for your precious little one.

The first thing is to weigh your child and check their height, so you know which style of car seat to choose for their size. Your child must be within the manufacturer’s height and weight limits in order to the seat to offer maximum protection.

It’s also recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics that infants and toddlers ride in an extended rear facing car seat until they are at least 2 years old, and ideally for as long as possible after this time. The impact on a child’s head and neck in the event of a collision is much less when they are travelling rearward facing when compared with travelling facing forwards. So, travelling in a rear facing child seat can reduce the risk of serious injury and even death.

You should also look for a quality kids car seat which has been thoroughly crash tested. Many seats are not tested above 30 mph, however, most serious collisions occur at much higher speeds. Try and find a seat which has been tested to at least 60 mph, and has also been tested for side impact protection. I found my daughter her car seat on after doing some extensive research about which car seats are safest for children.

Child car seat can be made from different materials – look for high-impact energy absorbing filling, as well as comfortable external materials. After being involved in a collision, it is recommended that a car seat is disposed of and a new one purchased in its place. There can be internal damage after being in a crash, so to ensure your child is always safe, it’s best to replace it even if it looks fine, to be on the safe side.…

6 Health Products You Should Never Buy Online

6 Health Products You Should Never Buy Online

We live in a digitized world and want everything at our doorsteps. Yes, the growth of the E-commerce websites has made shopping easy for us by getting everything we require at our doorsteps with a few clicks on the computer. It has sure made us lazier. Shopping online is also exposed to a lot of risks due to the element of fraud involved. Especially when it comes to health products where there is a lot of fake or sub-standard goods available on the online shopping websites. It is advisable to not buy these products from the online retailers as these might be harmful to our health and well-being.

Below are the details of six health products that you should never consider buying online

Weight-Reducing Pills – As consumers, we cannot help but get carried away by the tall claims of a few websites that promise to reduce fat within a few weeks. People are also so obsessed to look thin and fit. For the same reason, they are resorting to these harmful ways of weight loss. The natural ways of losing weight by following a good diet plan are available on MOVOMOVO.COM. It is advisable not to buy these pills online as you never know the extent of damage it might cause it your body. Moreover, weight reduction is something that has to be taken care under the guidance of a professional.

Medical Equipment – such as hearing-aids, treadmills are best bought through the traditional methods. People make the mistake of buying these online and later lament about it inappropriateness as these equipment are custom made to meet the needs of specific users.

Breast Milk – Doctors advise that breast milk is the best food for the baby. It refers to the milk that is directly fed to the baby by the mother and not the one that is available in the market. If there is difficulty in getting breast milk from the mother, the best alternative I would consider is formula milk rather than the replacement available online.

Hormones – Hormones are in itself something that has to be dealt with great caution and you would not want to take a chance buying it online.

Prescribed Medicines – It is always better to buy the medicines from your pharmacist as the ones you buy online will be substituted.

Non-Prescribed medicines – These are also best bought from the traditional stores.

Health Drinks – These are also products you would not want to experiment with. It is recommended you buy these from the brick and mortar shop to safeguard you and your family from side-effects of fake products.

What is Social Shopping and What Are the Real Benefits?

What is Social Shopping and What Are the Real Benefits?

The combination of Social Media and E-commerce is what you call Social Shopping. It’s like integrating the features of social media, like your friends, groups, discussions, comments and various types of other social media features, and then use them to enhance the overall shopping experience. Therefore, with the use of social shopping, one can make better decisions when shopping for a particular product. This is because the reviews and comments will help in buying smarter. Following some of the biggest benefits of Social Shopping.

Things That Make Social Shopping Worthy Enough


  • Social Shopping Is The Future : Imagine having a single place, where a person could get all prices, product lists and even compare them. This is the power that Social Shopping brings to us. It gives you the ultimate platform to have everything at one place, so that you don’t have to scour the whole internet, scour various sites, to get a price or product comparison. It’s all right there waiting to be utilised. For example, compares various finance websites, all at one place.
  • Social Shopping Is Easy To Use : By having to make lists, finding the products that you need and then buying them, can be a lot tricky. With Social Shopping, it’s just seconds away, at just a click of a button. It’s that easy.
  • Social Shopping Integrates Everything : Before buying any product, it would be easy for someone, to look through the reviews, and decide instantly. You don’t have to go to review sites to find that out. A single site having reviews, even that of your friends, will be a much better proposition.
  • Social Shopping Promotes More Engagement : A friend of yours buys a headphone, and he or she posts it on social media, like Facebook or Instagram, with a nice short review. This review engages various other like-minded people, who are also interested in headphones, and thus in a way, that review will help them make a better decision about the product if they were planning to buy it. It could also spark a healthy discussion between them.

How To Spend Less And Create The Best Fashion Wardrobe

How To Spend Less And Create The Best Fashion Wardrobe

Clothes are a necessity. Some people tend to overspend on clothes, while some tend to underspend. But the thing that remains the most important – is to make a satisfying wardrobe, filled with the best clothes. Quality here speaks more than quantity. A wardrobe with good quality but fewer clothes will always be better than one having more but with inferior clothing. Therefore, building the best fashion wardrobe needs time, patience and the right management. Following are the some of the best ways to perform that.

Building The Impeccable Wardrobe By Going On A Budget


  • Sell Or Exchange Clothes : Your wardrobe might be full of clothes that you don’t wear anymore or have worn out over time. Therefore, it’s always better to use those apparels to exchange with newer clothing, or just straight out sell them for money. The money from the sale could be used for buying newer clothes.
  • Create A Baseline Of Clothing : Create clothing principles for yourself. For example, you can decide to have a maximum of 5 Cropped Tops in your wardrobe. So, if you ever buy an extra one, be sure to first get rid of one out of that five. In this way, your wardrobe will not be filled up with unused clothes.
  • Go For Basics : It’s always recommended to always fulfil the basic things in your wardrobe. Like denim, bodycon dresses, sheath dresses, tops, t-shirts, stilettos, pumps, etc. Always going for trendy clothes will not make sense. Classic clothing will always remain as a style.
  • Buy Good Fitted Clothes : This is a must if you like to look smart and chic. Baggy garments are not at all appreciated anywhere. Wearing clothes that perfectly fit your body structure will give you confidence.
  • Look For Discounts And Offers : Here’s a thing that you should always try to remember – never buy apparels at full price. Always wait for a sale, for discounts or for offers. For example – nothing’s better for a woman, than getting Gucci discounted bags, at prices much lesser than normal.

Buyer’s Guide: Which e-Cigarette Should I Buy?

Buyer’s Guide: Which e-Cigarette Should I Buy?

E-cigarettes are the craze nowadays with the increased awareness towards the highly negative effects of tobacco. They help in simulating the feel of smoking a tobacco cigarette. It contains a liquid which is called e-Liquid – made up of Nicotine, glycerin, glycol and various flavours that add to its taste. If some italian is thinking, “are sigaretta elettronica migliore healthier”, then it should be kept in mind that E-Cigarettes are definitely much more safer than the use of regular tobacco cigarettes. Following are some of the best E-Cigarettes to buy at this time.

E-Cigarettes That Are Worth The Money

  • V2 Standard Starter Kit


For beginners, this is the best E-Cigarette to buy. It’s small, compact and easy to use as well, makes it the best choice for not only starters but also for experienced ones. This one also has a very much long lasting and a very reliable battery.

  • V2 Pro Series 3


For 2018, no other E-Cigarette can beat this beauty. Totally value for money, this E-Cigarette possess great quality and versatility. The battery lasts very long and also can be recharged quite fast. It has a great design, absolutely easy to use and racks in a great performance to say the least.

  • JUUL Vapor


This E-Cigarette is built for the smokers. The battery will last easily a day, and can be charged easily in an hour. It has a stunning flavour coupled with excellent vapour production. This will definitely make any regular smoker very happy.

  • Xeo Void


This is definitely one of the best all-in-one E-Cigarette to buy. It features a lot of flexibility and customization as well. Made in Germany, this will last easily a day with its 1500 mAh battery. It has a single piece body that makes it tolerant towards breaking. It gives out a great performance and comes in a set of various colours as well.

  • Halo G6

This E-Cigarette is undoubtedly the best value for any starter or beginner. It has two batteries, a charger and five previously filled cartridges, which also can be purchased separately later. Each cartridge can be used upto ten times, and overall it’s very simple to use. It has a continuous production of top-end flavour and vapour – making it one of the most value for money and reliable E-Cigarette on the market. The battery life is great too as well.… All Rights Reserved