November 14, 2018

10 Foods You Can Easily Grow Instead of Buying at the Store

First things first. It is cheaper to grow food than buying it from outside. This also ensures the quality of the food that you are buying. The organic and chemical nutrients that you add to the medium of growth being used will ensure your future health.

Whether you live in a small house or one with a large garden or small terrace, you can always grow some plants and have the pleasure of adding some fresh ingredients from your own garden when you need. However, you need to ensure that the area around the plants and the house itself is free of pests like rodents and other small bugs that may attack the plants you grow with care. Take some professional advice from rodent control Edinburgh, for right guidance. Let us see some of the plants that you can grow without much effort even in small areas.

  1. Cucumbers- Creeper needs support.
  2. Tomatoes- One of the easiest crops to grow even in smaller places
  3. Potatoes- Need 3 to 4 months to grow
  4. Radishes- Sow in early summer and will be available in 4 weeks
  5. Salad greens- Sow in summer and will provide leaves till autumn
  6. Herbs- You can have all the herbs that you use and add aroma to your food
  7. Peas- The plant needs support but the more you pick the more it will produce
  8. Onions and garlic- Dry soil and dry the bulbs before storing
  9. Bean – Runners will need support
  10. Beetroot- Need moist soil, and can be harvested in a couple of months

Some of these have seeds and they will keep sprouting and growing in the garden. So you don’t have to replant the seeds. Most of these do not need a lot of care and are easy to grow.

When you plant any of these seeds then you need to follow the instructions for maintaining some distance between the seeds that they grow well. Similarly, the different plants need different types of soil and watering schedule, different seasons and then can be harvested at different times of the year. Have fun in the garden and save some money and eat healthy- all at the same time.