December 7, 2018

A Complete Beginners Guide To Choosing Your Private Jet

Use the below tips while choosing your private jet:

Budget:  Plan and decide the amount you want to invest in a private jet.  Apart from cost, there would be year on year expenses like maintenance, fuel, salary for the pilot, food expenses etc.  Never plan beyond your reach for owning a private jet.

Used jets:  You can buy used jets which would be cost effective.  New jets have a different set of aviation guidelines which they have to adhere, and you would be incurring more fee while landing at airports.  Hence used jet is preferable.

Charter company:  While buying get the help of charter companies which assist in buying new or used jets.  All over the world, there are such companies which help in buying own jets/yachts etc.  Sellers like 4yacht even ensure sale documentation and the buyer need not worry about any of the legal formalities.

Type:  Decide on the type of jet you want to buy. Depending on capacity and speed there are various types like Turbo, pulse, water jet, propulsion etc.  Learn the full features and discuss with experts before making the final decision.  Test drive before you buy.

Full usage:  You may not be using the jet full time.  There is no need to keep the jet idle.  A huge amount is invested on the jet.  Hence ensure that your jet earns income when it is not used by you.  Hire your jet to charter companies for earning more.

Safety features:  During usage, passenger safety is of utmost importance.  Whether you use it for self or let the jet out, any accident will involve economic loss and loss of credibility as well.  Hence ensure that it has the best-inbuilt safety features.  Also, such losses have huge and irrecoverable financial impact.  Hence make sure that you take steps for ensuring the jet adequately.