January 16, 2019

Beginner’s Guide to Renovating an Old House: The Best Ideas and Shopping Tips

Buying a house is a good decision.  At times due to budgetary constraints, we choose to buy an old house.  It is quite tough when we do not have any idea about a renovation.  You can use the below ideas and shopping tips to renovate the old house:

The decision to repair:  Think and decide which one would be a more ideal solution- Repair or replacement.  Aiming at a permanent solution is more important.  If the permanent solution is way far beyond your budget, then you can go in for minor repair rather than replacing items.

List out:  Make a list of what you need for beautification.  This is something which you can postpone if it does not fit in your budget.

Create more storage space:  In the kitchen examine and add more counters and cabins.  In the bedroom create more shelves and lofts.

Set the basics correctly:  Do not compromise on setting the basics correctly.  Set all the pipelines, electricals and drains correctly.  Quality of water should be perfect.  Install good water filtration system.

Plumbing and electrification:  Replace the worn-out electrical fittings, rusted pipelines, and taps.  Care should be taken to drill cautiously so that the building does not get damaged.

Repaint:  If required, repaint the walls suitably.

Know the limitations and optimize:  Given the design and age of the house, realize your limitations.  You must make the maximum of what is available.  You should not overdo which might damage weak portions of the house.  Certain old accessories you may not get in the market now.  So, plan how to tactfully retain them in good condition.

Choose environment-friendly paints which do not damage the house in any way.   Use Composites or veneers which are pest resistant.  Lightweight materials like laminates can be used in the doors and windows so that more weight is not added to the beams.

Creating additional rooms/bathrooms:  If there is extra space, cover it to create additional room/bathroom.