7 Tips Choosing Kitchen Tools That Make Cooking Easier and Healthier

7 Tips Choosing Kitchen Tools That Make Cooking Easier and Healthier

People usually ask me when they figure out that I am working as a dietician, “what is the point? What should I be doing that is different from average?”. I actually used to get choked up when having to answer such a question but now I actually have a really great answer to it, you have to cook more on your own.

Cooking is actually a great way to make sure your health is under your control, while restaurant cooked food is great and is very fast and easy to do at times, they often stuff our meals full of unhealthy garbage like excess sodium and carbs. If you cook at home the damage is minimized.

OK, so what should we do in order to make sure that we can create healthy and good tasting meals? We’ve created a small article containing 7 tips for choosing kitchen tools that will make cooking easier and healthier.

A cast iron skillet

The main cooking instrument of any kitchen should be a cast iron skillet for many reasons.

The reason why this is the case is because it is great for multitasking, a cast iron skillet can be used for grilling meat and vegetables or bread, a cast iron skillet can be used to cook fried bread or for using it as a wok for stir-fry combinations, or a pan for chicken breast for your workout days.

A chef’s knife

A chef’s knife can be used in many ways and it is great for any kitchen.

A chef’s knife should be used in anyone’s kitchen unless you want to have a hard time cutting your food, go on del.icio.us.com for a good review for a good chef’s knife for your kitchen.

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