Multiple Purse-onalities: Here’s Why One Purse Just Isn’t Enough

Multiple Purse-onalities: Here’s Why One Purse Just Isn’t Enough

For a woman, dressing up does not limit to her clothes and just getting her hair into place, it includes all her accessories too. This includes her jewelry, sunglasses, handbags, and even her watch.

For many, everything has to go well with one another; else they don’t feel they are dressed right. For some, it doesn’t matter what is worn with what as long as the individual pieces are there on them.

The Bag You Carry

For many women, the bag or purse she carries will have everything essential she may ever require. This is one practical piece of accessory that most of the women never step out without. There are a number of varieties to choose from when it comes to your purse. Many would even follow Maurielle’s guide to carrying the right one.

Are you one of those women who think just having one purse is enough? As long as it can carry your things, why bother with others?

Here are a few reasons why just one purse would not suffice:

  • When you go out for different occasions, you need different purses that will suit the occasion. Only then is your dressing complete and you look dressed to the occasion.
  • You cannot carry an evening purse to the office. Not only will it attract unwanted attention, but it will also just look out of place. A glittering tiny clutch will not be enough to carry your things to work.
  • When you are going out for the day, there will be quite a few things to carry. Yes, one can carry their regular purse and a big bag for these items specifically, but that just makes things harder. You will have to carry two different bags.
  • After a point, it gets boring to carry the same purse everywhere. Just like how you would like to wear different clothes on different days, different purses for different occasions will make you look and feel better dressed. All Rights Reserved