January 9, 2019

Here’s 10 Gifts You Deserve to Give Yourself

Often people put themselves last in the least of priorities but life is short and if you don’t take care of yourself now it will be too late. So, this holiday season when you purchase gifts for your family takes time to think of the various things that you can gift yourself. In case you are short of ideas you can check holisticboard.org for more options.

Here are 10 gifts that you can consider yourself worthy off:

  1. Spa time: You need that time off from the world, work, family. Book a spa appointment and enjoy the pampering and the rejuvenating massages because you deserve it.
  2. Solo holiday: Go once on your own and discover the world with your eyes without having to cater to others needs and working around their schedules.
  3. Alexa: Not only will it drive always loneliness but it will also help you have greater control over your life. You can monitor all your devices with Alexa’s help.
  4. A good night’s sleep: In this stress-filled jet paced life, we always compromise on the much-needed sleep. This holiday season makes up on your sleep.
  5. Digital detox: Your brain and your eyes need the rest from screens. Take off without even your phone on a picnic with just a picnic basket and a book for company.
  6. Concert tickets: Gift yourself the concert tickets of your favorite musician. It is an experience that is worth having.
  7. A good pair of shoes: Your feet deserve more kindness than you normally bestow on them. Gift yourself a comfortable pair of
  8. Good health: start exercising and eat healthy to have a good life.
  9. Fine dining: Enjoy a meal at a Michelin star restaurant
  10. Forgive yourself: Nobody is perfect; learn to forgive yourself for all your mistakes because only then can you be at peace and more productive.