October 8, 2018

How Much Is A Hamster Cage?

If you are bringing the hamster home you will have to find the right cage and also the other accessories to comfort your pet. Hamster cage is very essential to secure your pet as it would live in it throughout the day.  Hamster cages come in different sizes and types and the cost would be ranging from $10 to $100 based on the material and construction. The cages are available in wood or metal to suit your needs.

The accessories include bedding, feeding, etc. Bedding is equally essential as it would make the cage comfortable for your hamster. This can cost you between $2 and $10 based on the kind of variety you choose whether it is a basic bedding or the scented variety. You will have to replace the bedding as part of your cleaning routine. Visit pet advice 360 site to learn tips about how to maintain a cage.

The cage certainly needs a few feeding aids for your hamster to survive. In order to avoid the hamster chewing the feeding trays, you can buy a ceramic bowl that costs around $10. Your local pet shop should be having food varieties for feeding hamsters. They do not cost you much even if you are planning to buy a bag full. To feed water to your hamster you can buy a water bottle which would not cost you more than $5. Bottles are better than bowls as they do not make the place messy.

When choosing cages, you will have to take utmost care and consider the size of your hamster. The dwarf hamsters can get through the space between the wire frames easily. Sometimes they even get struck between frames leading them to choke.  An aquarium that is properly ventilated or a well designed plastic bin cage would be more appropriate in this case. An aquarium might get the proper ventilation and there are chances of bad odor getting trapped. Plastic bin cages are comparatively better unless your hamster decides to chew through them. Large sized hamsters can still get through bars and bend them. Therefore, buy a cage that has strong bars.