September 12, 2018

Online Shopping: How to Hide Your Purchases on Amazon

The entire purchasing history of your account on Amazon is recorded and the activities also tracked. This is a great way in which you can track your past orders and check your receipts but it could be possible that you may want to hide the items or the orders that you have purchased on Amazon. You may also want to hide what you have searched for on Amazon. Check them out and know how to hide them.

If you stay with family and all of them use the same Amazon account then it is possible that you do not want others to know about what you have searched for on Amazon. It could be because you want to gift something to someone or because the product is such that is embarrassing if others know that you were searching for it.

Amazon households

Set up an Amazon household account to hide any purchases that you may have made. This faculty is available for the amazon prime members and this allows you not to share your shopping history and purchases with others.

If you are not an Amazon Prime member then you could do the following to hide your orders.

Archive the order

When you archive the order it will let you hide any gift purchase from your history. This lets you hide items that you do not want your family members to know about.

Remove the items from your browsing history

You could clear the items from your browsing history. You could delete some or all the items from the history. Just turn off the browsing history.

Remove the recommendations

The Amazon recommendations will also give your family a hint about what you have purchased or browsed for on Amazon. Amazon thinks that once you have seen the product you may be interested in it. So set the don’t use recommendations in your Amazon account.