September 24, 2018

The Ultimate Guide: Choosing the Best Snorkelling Equipment

It is quite fascinating to explore underwater. However one should have the right snorkeling equipment to enjoy the wonderful experience, especially if you are a beginner. The first step in choosing the snorkeling equipment is to identify your needs. Do you plan to snorkel often? Do you travel light? Are you going snorkeling for the first time? The answer to these questions will help you define the criteria for your gear. Follow the below-mentioned tips to choose the best one for you.

Snorkeling mask- Now a full face mask is available in the market. You need to choose a mask that seals your face nicely without being tight. Wear the mask without the strap and check out how it feels. Also, test the strap. If the strap sits on the ears, then it will hurt you later on after you wear it for a long time.  You could find Snorkelstars Snorkeling Mask online.

Snorkel- It is highly recommended that one should choose semi-dry or dry snorkel. Never opt for a wet snorkel. At the top of the snorkel, there is a valve which prevents the water from oozing in.  You could enjoy snorkeling at best using the dry snorkel. Apart from this, you need to check out the mouthpiece. You should never buy a too big or too small one as it would be quite uncomfortable and will create jaw pain.

Fins for snorkeling– You could check out the open foot compact fins as they are lighter and can be easily packed. If you are a beginner, short fins are good for you. It is much easier to kick. But if you plan to go for a longer session, then long fins is the best choice.

Swimwear- The swimwear protects you from stingers and sun but if you don’t snorkel often, then you don’t have to invest in the wetsuit.