October 28, 2018

Warum du immer einen Surfanzug tragen solltest

While there isn’t a dress code for surfing unlike swimming, a surf suit will be the most preferred one for the following reasons:

Advantages of a surf suit:

Surf suit offers warmth to the body and protects from the coldness of the sea water.  Without proper precautions, sea water games tend to have a health impact.  The saline nature of water may cause rashes/infections.  The constant chillness due to hours of playing those games may lead to cold and fever.  It is always best to guard your body with a surf suit while surfing.    In addition to a good surfing board, a good quality surf suit from leading brands like wakeboards is also necessary.

Surf suit offers another advantage.  In case if you accidentally fall into water from the surfboard, it helps you to float.  Also, it helps you to handle the impact of water splash easily.

Surf suits come with hoods.  A hooded one will typically help you to protect your ears from saline water fungal infections.

How to select a good surf suit:

Of course, the first point is the measurement.  Ensure that the suit is not too loose.  This will distract your concentration and cause discomfort due to heaviness.  Also, a too loose suit will not serve the purpose as it will not retain the warmth nor protect from wetness.

The second important point is the stitch quality of the suit.  Most surf suits cannot be machine washed.  Hence the stitch should last longer and sustain cold and warm water washes.  Also, it should withstand saline water impact.

The last important point is the thickness of the surf suit.  A 4:3 thick suit will offer more comfort than a 3:2 suit.  So, select the suit according to the sea temperature of your area.  If the sea tends to be slightly warm, go in for low thickness and avoid hoods in that case.