It is a simple and quick process to plant a tree. However, it could have a lifelong impact if you don’t put much effort into it. You can cause the tree to die extremely quickly. Thus, you limit its lifespan. In addition to that, neglecting the proper process of planting can typically cause the tree to have a hard time growing. It won’t reach its full potential in your landscape. Of course, you will not be aware that the tree is already suffering.  

Your goal is to plant a tree properly. It could mean a more successful, vigorous, and healthier tree that would add a lot of benefits to your lawn for a lot of years if you pay attention to the details in the planting process.  

At the time of planting, the error of deeply planting a tree is not always voluntarily obvious. However, planting a tree too deeply has effects in the long-term. Tree roots deteriorate in condition and health when buried too deeply. This could mean lowered size of the leaf and tree growth. It also affects the susceptibility of the tree against insects, diseases, and cold. Trees often show these issues immediately in the first year after planting. However, the problem typically appears after several years when it becomes a lot harder to repair.  

Symptoms of Trees Planted Too Deep 

You can search for a truck that’s going straight into the ground if you want to look for a tree that is poorly planted. It typically looks similar to a pole. Stunted height, fewer or undersized leaves, yellowing, and fewer or girdling roots are some of the indications of trees that are suffering because of deep planting.  

How to Fix It 

You might be able to fix deeply planted trees by getting rid of the excess soil from the root flare of the tree. You can also replant the tree at the right height. However, this option is only effective on trees that were planted in the previous 2 up to 3 months. On the other hand, getting rid of excess soil is better for old plants.  

How Deep Should Trees Be Planted? 

You have to know the roots to know how to properly plant a tree. Roots need warmth, oxygen, and water for them to vigorously grow. Because of this, roots shallowly grow in the soil. Less warmth and oxygen are available whenever roots are buried too deeply.  

If you want your tree to be properly planted, you can always contact a professional Tree Service Southlake TX company. These companies have professionals who’ve got the right tool and knowledge to do the job properly. They also know the needs of most trees. However, if you want to do it yourself, here are several things you have to keep in mind.  

  • First, you’ve got to measure from the beginning of the root flare of the tree to the bottom of the root ball.  
  • Next, you dig a hole based on your measurement. Place the root flare at the proper level.