It’s possible to have wood as your home’s main foundation. But is it a good choice? If you’re on a budget and you want to save on your home construction, then you can opt for wood foundation as it is cheaper than the others. However, concrete is the most popular option when it comes to foundations. 

The biggest advantage of using wood for foundation is its cost. Wood is significantly less expensive than concrete. If you sum up all the savings, you can easily reduce $15,000 from the total bill. That’s a lot of money that you can use elsewhere.  

It’s because wood foundations are easier to install so it’s not laborintensive. The materials used are also cheap. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to install wood foundation on your own. A concrete foundation, on the other hand, calls for the services of professionals. If you’re also a pro-environment type of person, you’ll love the fact that wood is sustainable. 

The Disadvantages of Wood Foundation 

All the advantages of installing wood foundation have been listed above. While all of them are good enough reasons to choose wood, you also have to know the disadvantages related to installing wood foundation.  

For starters, wood tends to rot. When it does, then your home’s foundation will fail. That failure means your house is on the brink of collapsing. You then have to repair the foundation immediately, which will more or less cost you the same amount you spent when you build it. Wood is rather easy and inexpensive to install but you might have to do it more often than concrete. With a concrete foundation, the repair is not as necessary.  

If you’re living in an area where the rate of termite infestation is high, then you run the risk of getting your home damaged sooner than expected. Those termites will eat the wood in your foundation and before you know it, your home in on unstable grounds. If you want to use wood in such a location, you have to treat the wood first and install different layers of protection to it. You should also check and maintain the foundation regularly.  

The weather is also a factor when it comes to the integrity of wood foundations. Using wood foundation in an area where flooding happens frequently is not advisable. Water penetrates woods easily, which will make your foundation is going to be waterlogged. That will weaken the wood and the planks. You would have to maintain the wood frequently to prevent the foundation from getting severely damaged.  

Why Choose Wood Foundation  

You may still use wood foundation if you really want to use it. However, you have to be constantly in touch with an expert in foundation repair San Angelo TX. They will be the ones who can guide you when it comes to making sure that your home’s foundation is always in good shape no matter what the weather or circumstance may be. Without their help, it is impossible to install and maintain wood foundations.