Even the toughest homes may encounter a problem with its foundation. The idea is to discover and fix these issues before the get out of hand. If you have slab foundation or a pier and beam foundation installed in your home, you have to regularly check its stability to avoid foundation issues. 

Most of the problems associated with foundation issues are related to soil expansion and contractor. There’s no doubt that the movement of the soil could create a lot of problems with your home’s foundation. As responsible homeowner, you must understand how soils behave in order to prevent foundation problems in the future. The most common problems related to it that you’ll encounter are: 

  1. Drainage problems

You may already know that when the soil gets wet, it expands. Clay soil will also turn into mud if it gets wet too much. Soil saturation is an issue that you have to address immediately or else your foundation may be sinking and you still don’t know it. If the cause of the problem is a failure in the drainage system, then you have to address that problem right away. Hire a drainage repair expert to help you out.  

  1. Transpiration 

Transpiration pertains to the plant’s process of extracting moisture from the soil. If you have a tree planted near your home’s foundation, then that could be a cause for concern. As the weather gets hot, these trees will pull moisture from under your home’s foundation. It means that the soil around your house may shrink. If this is the case, ask an expert in foundation repair San Antonio TX to help you out. He or she recommends that the tree be removed.  

  1. Expansiveand sandysoil 

There are different types of soil and some types are more conducive to foundation issues than others. One of them is expansive soil. This type tends to absorb a lot of moisture that it gets too swollen, expanding for over 100%. Sandy soil is an issue as well because they allow water to get through. This is the reason why the soil has to be inspected first before deciding what type of foundation must be used.  

  1. Sewer leaks

Sewer leaks pose a problem with the home foundation as well. These leaks are usually slow and steady, which means that water will enter the soil and increase its moisture content. When that happens, the soil will expand and cause stress to the foundation.  

  1. Filling material 

Filling materials are used on the foundation to further support the weight of the soil. If the filling material used was not compacted properly, then issues may occur. You’ll see its effect on your foundation several years later.  

  1. Vibrations 

Vibrations can also cause issues with your home foundation. If there’s a construction site near your home, then the vibrations of the equipment that they may cause the soil to loosen, lower its density. When that happens, the maximum pressure that the soil can support is affected. There’s a higher chance of the foundation failing if the vibrations don’t cease.